Fall Photo Shoot

Ryan and I have been traveling and we almost missed getting pictures of the boys with the fall colors! I wanted to do a quick update about the kids. We had some free time this weekend and were able to get some good shots in. The colors peaked a few days ago but it is still very pretty. We really live in a beautiful place.


When I found out we were having another boy one of my first thoughts was about the matching outfits they were going to wear. It doesn’t get much better than this.


Harrison is almost 2 1/2. He is a talkative, funny kid who loves being outside. He loves the chicken, ducks, turkeys, and dogs. He is working on potty training and so far it is going great. I feel like he is still my little baby, but he likes to remind me that he is a big boy and “Harrison do it.”


Micah has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. He is 6 months old now (monthly pictures coming soon). He is starting to move around much more and has started solid foods. He is a happy, smiley baby and he has the most kissable cheeks. Micah absolutely loves watching and playing with his big brother.


I’m so happy I got a chance to get some pictures and captured this perfect moment. These brothers really do love each other. I love watching them learn and grow together and couldn’t be happier to have these 2 boys.

Tomorrow Micah has his 6 month appointment and I will get measurements and pictures of him to write a more detailed post. Check back soon!

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