Micah is 3 Months Old!

It’s that time again and boy, is our baby getting big! Weighing in right around 16 pounds and already around 25 inches Micah is growing right along the 90% growth curve.

Micah 3 Months

Ryan tried a 6 month onsie on Micah and concluded that we needed to get out the 9 month clothes. I disagreed, but put on a 9 month sleeper only to find that is fits perfectly. Harrison always wore clothes that matched his age so most of the clothes we have in that size are sweaters and fleece. After a bit of a shopping spree Micah now has some clothes that fit, hopefully for more than a couple of weeks!


We have tried to get Micah to take a pacifier but it turns out that he prefers his thumb. Now that he has more control over his hands he can find it easily. He is also getting really good at grabbing and holding his toys. He is much more easily entertained now!

Micah 3 Months Tigger

Micah loves to watch and play with his big brother. He has started to giggle and smiles all day long. Harrison insisted on being a part of Micah’s 3 month pictures. They are going to be such good friends (at least until Micah starts to steal Harrison’s toys).

Micah and Harrison 3 Months

Thanks for reading! More updates coming soon!

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