Month: March 2015

Whoopi: Our Golden Polish

Golden Polish Chicken

Whoopi Goldbird, our golden polish, was part of the second order of chickens we placed.  With our first order, we paid for an egg laying variety and they send whatever they have available at that time.  The second time we ordered chickens, we selected the breeds ourselves.  Ryan HAD to have some top hat chickens.

Whoopi is one of our most well known chickens, because she is easy to pick out of a crowd.  Although little, Whoopi is easily recognizable in the flock.  Even as a little chick she stood out.

Golden Polish Chick

She is our friendliest bird and will come right over when you get near the coop.  Unfortunately, she is friendly because we had to treat her for an injury.  In December, the flock would not go outside because of the snow and they were getting bored.  Whoopi was at the bottom of the pecking order and was picked on.  The other chickens pulled out the feathers on the top of her head.  Once chickens see blood, they will just keep pecking.  Thankfully, we caught her before she was pecked to death.

Chicken injury

We applied some Vetericyn and kept her separated from the rest of the chickens.  It took a long time, but she healed up and grew her feathers back.

Chicken isolation

Whoopi is now healthy enough to lay eggs and she lays a small white egg every couple of days.

Golden Polish Eggs

Once the weather got nicer, we integrated her back into the flock.  She hasn’t been picked on, but she doesn’t like to roost with the other chickens.  This has led to a couple of adventures.

Last week, she didn’t come home to roost and the next day the neighbor stopped by to say she had our chicken.  Whoopi had wandered next door where they had bird seed and let herself right in to their home.  They returned her wrapped in a towel.

Last night she decided to sneak away again.  She flew into a low spot near our garage and then couldn’t climb out because she didn’t want to step in the surrounding snow.  I found her by clucking and hearing her call back.  It turns out, she likes people more than chickens.


Now she has been happily returned to her own kennel where she can eat in peace and talk to her other chicken friends.  She is a happy girl when she has her own space, so we might have to arrange something in the new coop for her.  This goofy girl sure makes me smile.  Thanks for reading! I hope to have more chicken updates soon.

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Pearl: Our White Leghorn


Right now we have 18 chickens that are taking over my garage until the weather gets nicer and we can get them a real coop!  They are loving the warmer weather though and are laying eggs like crazy.  I have been trying to catch a peek at who is laying what since they are right outside of the door.  As soon as a see a chicken leave the nest box, I run out and try to see what we’ve got.

Our best egg layer is Pearl.  She is a pearl white leghorn (which we found out after we named her Pearl).  She was the first to start laying and hasn’t stopped yet.  She is one of the first chickens we got.  She is about 20 months old.

White Leghorn Chicken

Pearl lays jumbo white eggs pretty much every day.  In fact, our egg scale can’t even measure her eggs.Pearl's Egg White Leghorn Egg

Today I cooked her egg up for Harrison to eat for breakfast.  He loves scrambled eggs, but there’s no way he could finish this one.  It made more than 1/2 cup of cooked eggs.

Scrambled Eggs

If I were raising chickens only for eggs, I would have a whole flock of white leghorns.  She is dependable, adorable, and friendly.  She keeps my egg cartons from closing and keeps us in eggs year round.

Pearl White Leghorn

Next up: Whoopi Goldbird, so check back soon!

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Harrison’s First Haircut

Today was a big day for Harrison. He got his first haircut! When we arrived at the salon he was the center of attention even though he didn’t make a peep.


He was really excited to get his hair cut and sat still for most of it.


He sat on my lap and got a cool cape.


They even let him play with his own comb. The hair stylist said she couldn’t do much with it, but we got it out of his eyes and trimmed around his ears.


I am so proud he didn’t fuss at all.  I think he will probably need another cut before he turns one, but hopefully it will be a little bit thicker by then. Here is my handsome guy with his new cut, making silly faces and eating some cheese:



Much better! We are seriously lucky we have such a laid back little dude. He takes after his daddy. More updates to come soon!

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Harrison is 10 Months!

10 Months

Only 2 months to go until Harrison’s first birthday!  He is as smiley as ever and a very happy baby.

10 Month Harrison

We were a bit concerned about a month ago because Harrison really didn’t like to stand, but he has sure figured that out!  He is pulling to stand anywhere he can and cruises around his crib when he should be sleeping.  Life just got extra interesting!

Harrison loves music and is learning to dance.  He has most of his toys figured out and knows how to play his favorite songs…over and over.  We are learning to rotate his toys! haha

As always, I took some pictures with Tigger that really show his personality.

10 month 10 Months Harrison 10 Months Old

Harrison’s hair is starting to get in his eyes, so we scheduled his first haircut!  Maybe after a trim, his hair will lay down a little better.  We will update again soon!

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