Harrison is 9 Months!

Harrison cover photo

I am a little bit late this month with Harrison’s pictures. Between not having a computer and our crazy schedule, it just wasn’t happening until today.  It turns out that 9 month babies are incredibly hard to photograph.  Harrison is pretty much a blur these days as he races around the house.Harrison 9 Months

Yesterday Harrison had his 9 month appointment.  Either my scale was off the last couple months, or he isn’t putting on much weight, because he weighed in at 20.5 lbs (which is what I got last month). He really seems to be slimming down, but I think that is because he is growing in length so fast.  He is almost 30 inches already!

Harrison has been learning new skills so fast lately.  He has learned to crawl, but still prefers to army crawl.  He can also get into a sitting position on his own now.  The other day Harrison was sitting in his highchair and he started to snap his fingers at me!  He loves to play peek-a-boo with anything he can get his hands on and he is constantly clapping for pat-a-cake.  Harrison pat a cake

He is definitely a social boy. He says mama, dada, buh-bye, dog, and good.  He waves when people leave the room and seems to be picking up on new sounds all the time.  It is amazing how fast babies can learn.  He especially likes to fake cough when he hears someone cough and he likes to scream in high pitch voices, espcially when his mama is on the phone.

I can’t believe how fast my baby is growing.  Harrison is so much bigger than Tigger now.  Harrison tigger 9 months Harrison tigger Harrison and tigger

Harrison is such a happy boy and we are so lucky to be his parents.  Now, if we could just get him to stop growing and stay little forever!  Don’t forget to check back next month for more pictures and see his previous pictures in the meantime! Thanks for reading!

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