DIY Nursery Closet Dividers

We have a small closet in our nursery that we will be storing our baby clothes.  In order to organize the clothes by size, I made up some cheap and easy closet dividers.

Nursery Closet Dividers


I used some Martha Stewart scrapbook paper, circle cutting tool, and cardboard.  Using the cutting tool, I cut a 4″ circle with a 1.5″ circle inside.  Then I cut a wedge large enough to fit over our closet rod.

Closet Divider


I attached light blue scrapbook paper and added woodland animals on top.

Woodland Nursery Closet


Cutting out the animals was the most time consuming, but I think they look great and it was worth the time.

Woodland Nursery Closet Dividers


Nursery Closet


Once we find out if we have a girl or boy, we can fill the closet with even more cute clothes!  Hopefully baby decides to make an appearance soon, because there is a lot of cool stuff waiting for him/her!  I hope I have news soon.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Gary Kerr says:

    In an effort to organize all the stitched love, and make my life easier after she has spit up on yet another outfit, I created these baby closet dividers so I know what size is where. Make sure to keep the cardstock circle and it’s matching patterned paper circle together.

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