Spring Chicks

Bringing Chicks Home

When we built our coop, we built it to fit 20-24 birds.  The run is built for a few more than that.  We also have the opportunity to free range the chickens in the evening.  They do a great job staying in the yard, with a little help from our blue heelers.

Ryan probably never should have let me build such a big coop, because that means more chickens!  I wanted to order a Rarest of the Rare assortment, but you have to get a minimum of 15 birds.  That just isn’t doable for us, so we picked out 10 birds we wanted individually.  We ordered the birds from Murray McMurray Hatchery and they will be coming at the end of May.

We have ordered both meat chickens and some new laying hens.  Sadly, we have to send Stella to a new home, because he is just too loud to have living in town.  We are also giving away a few hens that will go with Stella.  Hopefully he will be a happy guy on his new farm with his hens.  We will have just over 20 laying hens with this new order.

We ordered one of each of the following, except 2 of the barred rocks and buff orpingtons:

Barred Rocks

Buff Orpingtons

Dark Brahmas

Golden Polish

Light Brahmas

Partridge Cochins

Silver Polish

Our meat birds are the same as last year, and we ordered 25 of them again:

Jumbo Cornish X Rocks

I can’t wait to get our new feathered friends!  I will definitely update as soon as they are here (sometime around May 26th).

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