Month: March 2014

Master Bedroom Updates

It has been a long time since I have written an update!  We have been traveling out of town almost every weekend and have not had much time to work on the house.  Last week we really started to get moving on the master bedroom upstairs.

Prior to last week, we pulled up the old floors and put down new subfloor.

Master Bedroom DemoMaster Subfloor Master Bedroom New Subfloor

We’ve come a long way from a year ago, when we were raising chickens in our master bedroom.

Easy DIY Chicken Brooder


Ryan and I finished up the drywall work last week.  On Friday Ryan started priming the walls.

Master Primed

Saturday morning he finished priming and we started installing the laminate flooring.  We are using the same laminate we used in the kitchen and dining room.


Installing Master Laminate Flooring


It would have been a bit easier to paint before putting down the flooring, but we had to work around drying times for the primer.  Ryan painted 2 coats of Dutch Boy paint.

Master Bedroom Flooring

We bought wallpaper over a year ago for this room and have been very excited to hang it.  On Sunday we started the wallpaper.  I’ve got to say, wallpapering isn’t fun when you are 34 weeks pregnant (too much standing, squatting, kneeling, repeat).

Wallpapering the Master Bedroom


The wallpaper turned out great.  We didn’t finish until late Sunday night, so this is the best picture I got that late in the day.

Master Wallpaper Installed


We are moving our furniture up to the master this week and will be hanging the chandelier.  I will update soon when we are all settled in!  Thanks for reading!

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