Steep Roofing

I have been slacking when it comes to keeping up the blog, but we’ve been working hard!  I’ve got some catching up to do, so I will start with our roofing project.  We have a unique roof line on the back of our house due to various additions.  Besides that, we have a typical Upper Michigan roof, so it is very steep over the kitchen.Back Roofing


First, we did the roofing that was easily accessible with ladders or in areas we could easily stand.Roofing Roofing Caulk


We also have 2 valleys that had some ice problems last year.  They were lined with tin, but it wasn’t quite doing the trick.  We laid down water and ice shield, and then we used a weave pattern with the shingles.  Hopefully this will prevent any water issues this year.Roof Valley


We had to brainstorm quite a bit about how to reach the top portion of the roof.  Finally, we decided to risk Ryan and sent him to the peak.  (Don’t mind that awesome siding job.  It’s a work in progress.)Ryan on Roof


Roof Valleys


It wasn’t the easiest job, but it worked!Steep Roofing


The back of the house is looking pretty good now!Back Roof Done Office Roof

Unfortunately, we still have to do the steep side over the kitchen door.  It’s going to be a tricky job, especially with the snow that is sitting on it.  Hopefully we will get some temps above freezing this weekend and get a chance to finish the job!Finishing Siding


Thanks for reading!  I will update more soon!


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