Building a Chicken Coop: Part 2

**This is part 2 of a 4 part series.  Click here to read part 1**

Building a Chicken Coop


Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was our chicken coop…it took 2 days.  That’s right! It only took us 2 days to get our coop into a functional state.  It may not be pretty on the outside (yet) but the chickens are all moved in.

After building all of the framing we got to work by putting OSB on the exterior walls.Coop Walls

With the new support of the walls, we were able to put our homemade trusses up.Putting Up Trusses

Add some OSB to the roof and you’ve got yourself a coop!  Coop Roof Support

We also added our door and windows.  Menards was having a door sale, so we got one really cheap.  We just bought utility windows, which are also relatively cheap.  We used 1×6 lumber to cap off the ends of the trusses.Coop Windows

We put the roofing felt on and will put shingles up, but I will talk about that in part 3.  We will also be boxing in the eves.Coop Roof Felt


We didn’t want the chickens to roost on the window sills, so we made a frame with hardware cloth for the inside of the windows.Chicken Coop Windows

Next, we had to build a door that the chickens could use to get into the run.  We built a guillotine style door that works with a pulley.  It only took about an hour to build and works smoothly.Chicken Coop Door Coop Door


After that, the chickens just needed a roost to move in.  With only a few 2x4s, we had a nice roost built in a matter of minutes.Chicken Coop Roosts


Sadie approves, and she is sad she doesn’t have a cool house like the chickens do!Sadie Approves


It will probably be a while before we get the roofing and siding on.  We are planning on using left over siding from the house, so we will have to wait until that is done.  As soon as we have more to update, I will write Part 3 of our chicken coop adventure.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Tim Krause says:

    Be careful of even very small holes. Weasels can wreak havoc on your flock. Not that I have any first hand experience. 🙁

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks for the tip Tim! Sorry to hear about the weasel. Luckily we haven’t had any predator issues in town. This coop is pretty air tight. The vents are screened and the windows have 1/2″ hardware cloth over them. I don’t think a raccoon could figure out the guillotine door. If it does get in, the door will shut behind it, so at least we’ll get to say hello to the bandit.

  2. Gary Kerr says:

    Simply wow demonstration on ‘how to make a chicken coop’. You have very beautifully made it described using the real snapshots. And it has made the post very much engaging and easy-to-understand. We will definitely try it out. Thank you for the post and please keep sharing such post.

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