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While Ryan is a web-developer and I am a coordinator for a non-profit in our normal, day to day lives, we are renovators, contractors, and interior designers on the weekends.

In September 2011 Ryan and I met with a realtor to look at a property in town that was under foreclosure.  They wanted next to nothing for it, probably because no one is crazy enough to take on the projects inside.  Neither one of us had a lot of experience in renovations or decorating, but we threw the idea around of owning a house we could make our own.  We joked around about making an offer on the house, but our jokes became more serious as the days went on.  After thinking about it for a week or so, we decided to put in a low-ball offer…and then we got the house that no one else was crazy enough to buy (for under $6,000)!

We thought as long as we broke even on the house it would be something fun to work on.  Little did we know that this house would become our pride and joy.  In order to keep our family and friends in the loop, we started  a blog to document our progress and projects.
In May 2014 we welcomed our first baby boy Harrison into our family.  He is our pride and joy and inspired us to start blogging about family life too!
In January 2015 we started a new journey in a new home. As we get settled we hope to keep everyone updated with our new projects.  We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we love doing them.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Gary Kerr says:

    As we have read in this article with just a little planning and some investigation we can take on basic home improvement projects and make home a happy healthy place for family.

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