Even though our neighbors still have snow in their lawn, ours is gone (for now at least)! That means we can finally start tackling some of our outdoor projects.  We are saving up funds for siding and roofing right now, so our other projects will be rather minimal.  However, today I learned that a little cash can go a long way when it comes to landscaping.  Landscaping


When we purchased the house, there were tons of red bricks in the backyard.  I’m not sure what they were used for before, but they are working great for our new landscaping! We also had lilies that grow along the side of the house.  While lilies aren’t my first choice, they are already here and are free, so they stay.  All I needed was some landscaping sand, Hostas, and some mulch.  It only took me one afternoon.  What a transformation:Lanscaping Before

Landscaping After



Once the lilies start to grow, the utilities won’t be so obvious.  Hopefully our grass will start to green up a bit in the next couple of weeks too.  We’ve had a late start on our outdoor projects, but since it’s finally starting to get nice, we should have a lot more coming. Thanks for reading!

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