Monthly Archives: May 2013

$40 DIY Chicken Coop

We are having quite an adventure with our meat chickens.  They are already 4 weeks old and only have a couple weeks to go.  They are growing fast and running out of room in their brooder.  Thankfully, it has been beautiful out and they can start living outside. I drew up some plans for a coop […]

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Even though our neighbors still have snow in their lawn, ours is gone (for now at least)! That means we can finally start tackling some of our outdoor projects.  We are saving up funds for siding and roofing right now, so our other projects will be rather minimal.  However, today I learned that a little […]

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Easy DIY Chicken Brooder

    We ordered 25 cornish cross chickens to raise for meat.  Since we haven’t done much work on the upstairs yet, we built a brooder we could use in the house and then move outdoors later.  We made the brooder almost completely from scraps, but it would be cheap and easy to buy the […]

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