Guest Bedroom Update

So far we haven’t spent too much time working on the guest bedroom.  The drywall was decent and only needed to be patched in a few areas, so there wasn’t much renovation work done.  Here is what we started with:



We tore out the carpet and trim because there was a “cat smell” issue we were dealing with when we bought the house.  The carpet was torn out the day we closed on the house.  We also put in a new window and lighting early on.  For a long time the room looked like this:



After we chose the green color for the living room, it seemed like we had too much green and they didn’t match well.  When our paint froze in our pantry and we had to buy all new, we decided to switch the paint to yellow.  The green still needed another coat so we needed to paint it anyways.

Last weekend I did a dresser makeover (the tutorial can be seen here) and we had carpet installed.  This room is the one we will be staying in for now because our master bedroom hasn’t even been started!

We received a nice quilt from a family member last summer that was my inspiration for this room.  Some of the details have come together already, but we do have a ways to go.  I promise that the yellow doesn’t look quite as bright in person.  Also, keep in mind that we will be adding trim, neutral colored curtains, a DIY headboard, and some extra touches in the near future. (The yellow will be toned down quite a bit.)  So here it is, our guest bedroom as it looks today:



Dresser Final


It is such a big difference from what we started with, be we still have a long ways to go! We will keep you updated as soon as anything new and exciting happens. Thanks for reading!

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