Always an Adventure

Today is an exciting day! We are getting carpet put in and we will be moving in most of our large furniture items.  We have been working really hard, but luck hasn’t been working out in our favor.  After dealing with nothing but problems yesterday Ryan said, “This is good, because that means nothing will go wrong tomorrow.”  He jinxed us.

We arrived at the house this morning about 15 minutes before the carpet installers were supposed to get here.  We sat in our nice warm car outside because we didn’t want to deal with the -10 degree weather between us and the house.  Finally we got up the courage to run to the door and get into the warm house.  Only problem….the house wasn’t warm.

The thermostat read 32 degrees.  32 degrees and the carpet installers are coming in 15 minutes.  We ran to the furnace and tried to adjust the thermostat, but the furnace would not come on.  Panic! Turn the oven on, get the space heaters, maybe a hair dryer?!?!?

Lucky for us the carpet guys came an hour later, so we could get the house to a nice warm 40 degrees.  The furnace repair man arrived at the same time as the carpet installers.  Now the furnace is up and running, but it takes a long time to warm this house up.  We are actually very lucky we were here when it decided to quit on us.  Our pipes did not freeze, but it was close.

I was planning on getting before pictures of each room that is being carpeted, but with all the panic this morning it just never happened.  Here are the most updated pictures I’ve got of each room:


The room with the table in it is actually yellow now.  Funny story: our paint all froze last week and we still needed a second coat in this room.  (Apparently heat isn’t our strong point.) Since we couldn’t get that color anymore we completely switched it up.

I will update with new pictures soon.  Thanks for reading!


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