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Micah’s Urology Update

Today we met with a great pediatric urologist who has been studying Micah’s case. We learned a couple of things and have a plan for another test, date to be determined. *As a reminder, I am not a doctor and I am only trying to convey the information as we received it and try my […]

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This Easter has been a very special one! Ryan has been working very hard throughout the last year in an RCIA class (Right of Christian Initiation of Adults). Last night at the Easter Vigil mass, Ryan and 2 others were baptized, confirmed, and recieved their first Holy Communion. What a wonderful time of year to […]

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Our New House

*This will be my first post written on mobile, so bear with me please* We are finally getting settled into our new place! We have a lot to do yet, but I wanted to give a little preview. We purchased a new home in January situated in 10 acres in northern Wisconsin. The house was […]

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