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Cloth Diapering Part 1

Cloth Diapering Part 1

When we found out I was pregnant, we decided we wanted to cloth diaper.  Both Ryan and I love cloth diapers (although he may deny it).  We have a few reasons why it is important to us.

1. Environmental factors:  A disposable diaper takes about 500 years to decompose in a landfill.  The EPA reports that 20 billion diapers or 3.5 million tons of diaper waste is dumped in landfills each year.

2. Chemical factors:  Various studies have discovered that disposable diapers contain toxic chemicals and dyes that can have health affects with continued exposure.  They also are more likely to cause diaper rash because of that chemical exposure.

3.  Cost factor:  Using cloth diapers saves about $2,000 per child, with an additional $500 savings if you use cloth wipes as well.

4. Cuteness factor:  Cloth diapers come in all kinds of colors and prints that are adorable!

This week I will be doing a cloth diapering series that runs through what has worked best for us so far.  Part 2 will start with prefolds, fitteds, and covers.  Fitted and Prefold Cloth Diapers


Part 3 will include the pocket diapers we have tried.  Pocket Diapers

Lastly, Part 4 will cover FAQs and our laundry routine.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more cloth diaper information soon!

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Harrison is 3 Months!

Harrison Month 3

Where has the time gone?!? Harrison is already 3 months old.  Harrison has been busy, busy, busy!  This month he went swimming for the first time, went fishing, got baptized, and even went to Smokey Bear’s birthday party.  Harrison 3 Month Stats

Harrison has gotten really good at grabbing at things within his reach.  He sticks anything he can get his hands on in his mouth and is still trying to see if he can fit his entire fist in there.  He has grown about an inch longer and you can tell in his Tigger pictures:Harrison 3 Months Harrison 3


Check out his 1 month and 2 month pictures to compare!  Thanks for reading!

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Harrison is 2 Months!

Harrison 2 Months


Our little guy turned 2 months yesterday!  It is seriously amazing how fast babies change.  Harrison is so much more alert, it’s crazy!  He smiles and “talks” all the time and has even learned to roll over.  Ryan has taught Harrison to mimic him and they stick their tongues out at each other.

Harrison 2 Month Stats


He has also gotten a lot bigger (weighing in at almost 13 Lbs and growing an inch over the last month).

This month we took a couple of long road trips and Harrison did great.  We took a trip to Des Moines, IA last week that involved a 10 hour drive there and 12 back.  Harrison did great until the last hour or so on the way home.  I think he was just sick of being in his car seat, so we took some extra time getting home.

Of course, we can’t forget the Tigger pictures!

Harrison 2 Month Tigger

“Hi, I’m Harrison and this is my friend Tigger.”Harrison Tigger 2 Month



You can already tell he is getting bigger.  Check out his 1 month photos to compare!

Thanks for reading!

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Harrison is 1 Month!

Harrison 1 Month Sticker


Harrison turned 1 month old on June 15th!  I can’t believe how fast that first month flew by.  He has changed so much already.

Harrison 1 Month Picture


Our little man is much more alert and is learning to smile.  He loves to play with his Kick-n-Play and go for boat rides.  We are loving every minute of it, even though he rarely sleeps these days.

I wanted to take some pictures each month to compare size as he grows because he is growing so fast!

Harrison and Tigger


Harrison loves Tigger.  He wasn’t very happy when we took Tigger away.

Sad Harrison

Next month I will post more Tigger pictures and you can see how much he grows!

Harrison Month 1

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Introducing Harrison Andrew

On May 15th, we welcomed a sweet little addition into our family.  Harrison Andrew was born after 20 long hours of labor and 2 1/2 hours of pushing!  He weighed 8lbs 10.5oz and was 20 1/2 inches.  We are so in love!

Here are a few pictures, but I’m sure he will appear often on the blog!

HarrisonHarrison 2 Harrison 3

I will try to have more updates on the blog soon, but we are definitely sleep deprived and in survival mode at the moment!  He sure is cute, but doesn’t seem to like sleep as much as his mom and dad.

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