Funny Things My Kids Say

Kids are funny. Sometimes when they are in trouble or being rude they come up with the most hilarious things. No one prepared me for the straight faced, trying not to laugh, moments that come along with kids. Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact with your spouse, or you will both lose it.



Micah spends all day mispronouncing “Truck”, “Fork”, and “Frog” (they all sound the same, and very inappropriate) and he pronounces bulldozer as “Booty”.


Harrison and Micah were going back and forth today.

Harrison: You can’t say f**k. It’s truck.

Micah: F**k.

Harrison: Trrrruck.

Micah: F**k.

And on and on. Try not to laugh at your kids during that one!



Harrison has a sense of humor and he doesn’t even really know it. He’s a silly kid. First of all, the poor boy thinks Disney = School because that is the only time he has been on a bus. We’ve explained it to him several times, but he still doesn’t quite get it. He’s a pretty smart kid, so I think he is just in denial.




Harrison: I’m so excited to start going to school to see the storm troopers!

Mom: You mean Disney?

Harrison: Yeah, school. Where the buses are.


Harrison: Remember the time we went to school and there were palm trees?

Mom: Harrison, that was Disney. School will be much different.

Harrison: Can I ride an airplane to get to school?



Mom: Did you see Santa?

Harrison: Yeah. I told him I what I wanted, but he just gave me this monster truck and escaped me, again!



Harrison has struggled with sleep lately and always ends up in our bed. We bring him right back upstairs, but he had a different idea.

Harrison: I could sleep better in my room if it was green and had a train.

Mom: *Paints room and builds train book shelves that same day*

Harrison: I can’t sleep in my room.

Mom: Why not?

Harrison: It’s too different.


And last night, getting ready for bed:

Dad: Tell mama “It’s been real.”

Harrison: (Grumpy) Mama, it’s been pretend. *Leaves room*

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