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Making Maple Syrup

How to Make Homemade Maple Syrup

This spring we decided to venture into making homemade maple syrup. The good news is, as long as you have access to a maple tree, it is a really simple process! The boiling can be quite time consuming (more on that later), but the final product is worth every minute of it. We started by getting a starter kit from Tap My Trees with a great book with all of the information you need. I’ll give you a little summary.

Maple Syrup Buckets

First, you need some basic equipment to get started. This part is actually very simple and affordable. For collection you will need:

  1. A Tap: We purchased our taps from Tap My Trees. Most taps are created about the same, but I have only used these. We loved them.
  2. A Hammer: To tap in your taps
  3. A Drill: Taps can come in different sizes, so make sure you have a drill bit that matches the proper size for the tap.
  4. A Collection Bucket: You can buy buckets made specifically for maple sap or you can make your own from a milk jug or other food safe container. We used both plastic and metal buckets from Tap My Trees. We loved the classic sound of the metal buckets, but we liked the cheaper price of the plastic buckets. You really can’t go wrong!
  5. A Lid: Debris will get into your collection buckets if you don’t have some kind of lid.
  6. A 5 Gallon Bucket for Storage: When you collect your sap you will need a large, food safe bucket for storage. You can keep sap in these buckets refrigerated or packed with snow for up to a week. This is great news if you only have a few taps and want to wait until you have a substantial amount to boil. Remember, it take 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup!
  7. Cheesecloth: It is best to run your sap through cheesecloth before putting it in your storage bucket to remove any large pieces of debris that may change the flavor of your sap.

Once you have these few simple pieces of equipment, you are ready to get started.

Maple Syrup Equipment Sled

This can definitely be a family event. We took the boys out in the sled and tapped our trees. It doesn’t take long (unless you have a lot of taps). We only had 6 taps this year.

Kids and Maple Syrup

Putting out your taps is as simple as drilling a hole about 2 inches into a maple tree at chest height at a slight upward angle. Insert the tap with a few gentle taps of a hammer, not too hard. Hang your bucket and you are good to go. If the temperature is right, you may see sap flow immediately. The sap flows the best when it is in the 40’s (F) during the day and freezing at night. The freeze-thaw pattern is what causes a pressure change in the tree. This can mean that syrup season can last a week or 6 weeks. It all depends on the weather.

Maple Syrup Trees

Once we had about 6-8 gallons we started the boiling process. This is the long and slightly more difficult process. Assuming you do not have an evaporator you will need:

  1. A Candy Thermometer: Water boils at 212 Degrees F at most elevations. You can test your boiling point with a candy thermometer. Maple syrup boils at 7 degrees above water.
  2. A Stainless Steal Pan: We used 2 different pans for each stage. We used a large buffet pan on our gas grill and a stock pot in our kitchen to finish the syrup.
  3. A Fuel or Fire Source: You can find all sorts of DIY evaporator plans online, many of which use the buffet pans. We did not have the time or firewood to make our own evaporator. Instead, we just used our gas grill.
  4. Filter Paper: Once you are done boiling your sap you will need to filter it before it is put into the final container.
  5. Canning Jars: Boil your jars and put the syrup in hot to properly can them.

Making Maple Syrup on a Gas Grill

We started boiling sap on the grill. This process took a lot of propane and I would not recommend it for a large amount of sap, but for 8 gallons or so a day on the grill will work just fine. Keep the lid cracked so the steam can escape. Remember, your goal is to get rid of as much water as quickly as possible. When you add more sap to the already boiling pan, you need to preheat the sap first. This will help you maintain the boil.

Once the sap is down to about a gallon, transfer the remaining “almost syrup” to a stock pot and finish indoors. This will give you better control over the temperature. Some people use a hydrometer to measure the sugar content, but for a small operation a candy thermometer works just as well and can clip right onto a pot of sap.

Finishing Maple Syrup on the Stovetop

As the sap cooks down it will take on an amber color. Sap collected early in the year will remain an amber color and sap from later in the spring will appear darker. As long as the thickness and taste is to your liking, can it and enjoy it!

Maple Syrup Variation

Everyone should try making maple syrups at least once. At the very least, it will make you appreciate what really goes into making it and you will appreciate your local syrup so much more. We made a gallon of it and will definitely have a larger operation going next year. Maybe I can even talk Ryan into a $2000 evaporator…? Anyways, stay tuned for more homesteading adventures. Thanks for reading!

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Camper Design Update

About 1 year ago Ryan and I bought a camper. It has already taken us on many adventures and we are very excited for more to come. We bought a 2005 Jayco 25RKS, which is code for a 25 foot camper with a rear kitchen and a slide out living area. Camper Exterior


One of my favorite bloggers, Bower Power, recently wrote a post about the vintage camper they bought and the remodel they are going to take on. I love the idea! Our camper isn’t vintage, but I decided that if we are going to spend so much of our summers in it, why not make it our style? I have found that campers generally don’t fit our style, but I also don’t want to do any major renovations, mostly just fabric and wallpaper changes.

Camper Dinette

After discussing it a bit, I did some searching for patterns and designs we love. We have decided that we want to cover the wallpaper border (1), add some throw pillows and recover the valances (2,3,4), put a peel and stick back splash in the kitchen (5), get a new quilt (6), and recover the dinette cushions (7). We have narrowed it down to 2 options.

Camper Design Board 1


  1. Sweet JoJo Designs Wallpaper Border – Diamond Grey
  2. Michael Miller Backyard Baby Birch Forest
  3. Let’s Go Camping Jargon
  4. Premier Prints Feather Silhouette
  5. NuWallpaper Shiplap Peel and Stick
  6. Lush Decor Shelly Stripe Quilt
  7. Art Gallery Hello Bear Buck Forest

Camper Design Board 2


  1. Sweet JoJo Designs Earth and Sky Wallpaper Border
  2. Michael Miller Backyard Baby Birch Forest
  3. Quilt Camp Bias Check Blue
  4. Kaufman On the Road
  5. Pearl Hexagon StickTiles
  6. Room Essentials Arrow Print Duvet
  7. Premier Prints Arrow

We are excited to get started on this new project, but it is a big one and will take a bit of time! To be honest, I’ll be happy if we have a good hold on it by the end of summer. Which is your favorite? We’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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Micah is 12 Months Old!

12 Months

Our smiley boy is already 1 year old! Sometimes it seems like he was just born yesterday and other times it seems so long (especially when I think of how many times I’ve seen 3 a.m. this year). Micah is learning and growing every day. This month was a big one for him. He took his first steps, got his first haircut, and celebrated his first birthday.


Micah weighs 23 lbs and measures 30.5 inches. In the last year he grew 14 lbs and 8 inches! He is right at the 75th percentile for all of his measurements.

Micah is such a daredevil. He loves to climb anything and gets especially excited if he sees the baby gate is open to the stairs. With supervision he can easily climb all the way up. Micah loves Harrison’s toys (which we are still learning to share). He has really started to like books, which makes me very happy. He also loves music more than I thought a 1 year old ever could. He has a hard time getting anything done in a day because he has to stop what he is doing every time he hears music, which is a lot in our house. He loves to dance.

12 Months Tigger

Micah is a terrible sleeper and loves to nurse. He still wakes up to eat and I can’t quite get him to quit, but we are working on it. I am happy to say I have been breastfeeding for 30 of the last 35 months, but I’m ready to be done whenever he is. I think we have quite the journey ahead of us though, because he is still nursing about 7 times a day. He also eats 3 solid meals a day. It’s no surprise why he’s in the 75th percentile!


Every time I talk about my kids being close in age the first question I get is “How do they get along?” I am pleasantly surprised that these boys love each other so much. Harrison loves being a big brother. They fight over toys but Harrison is starting to be more understanding, We are very blessed having such a laid back kid for our first.

Monthly Picture Collage

Our baby has come so far in the past year and we are so excited about what the next year will bring! Happy birthday Micah!

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