Micah is 8 Months Old!

The holidays sure make time fly. Micah is already 8 months old. This time last year we found out we were having a baby boy!


Micah is as happy as ever and getting his own little personality. If I had to describe him in one word….LOUD. He has a new squeal that he loves to use. He only does it when he is happy, which is only about 90% of the day. While looking back at his 7 month stats I had to laugh…sleeps 7 hours? Um….no. Wishful thinking I guess. We are back to waking up every 2 hours. Harrison is also on a sleeping strike, so night time is a new level of fun. I’m going to miss this someday….I’m going to miss this someday….I’m going to miss this someday???


Micah has been ready to crawl for a little over a month. Right now he gets on hands and knees, rocks, and then bellyflops forward, but he gets where he wants to go. He can go from a crawling position to a sitting position and he has pulled to stand on his toy car this week.


Micah got 2 new teeth this week. He has started to grind his teeth. I remember Harrison doing that when he got his top teeth too. I hope the phase is short, because the sound makes me cringe. He seems much happier now that his teeth have come in though!


Micah weighs about 21 lbs, which is only 7 lbs less than his big brother. He is growing so much and is more and more playful every day. He loves to tackle Harrison and they play together now. Harrison has learned a lot about sharing and is a great big brother. We are so excited to celebrate Christmas with 2 littles this year! Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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