Month: November 2016

Micah is 7 Months Old!

Hey, hey, hey! Micah is 7 months old! I had an interesting question for Ryan this morning. “I have been awake more in the last 7 months than any 7 month period of my life. Why does it feel like it went so much faster?” This kid is not a big fan of sleep, but I think we have finally turned a corner. He has only had 1-2 middle of the night wakeups for 3 nights straight! Hopefully this doesn’t jinx it!


This month has been a big one for Micah. He has learned to sign for milk, has started to say Mama when he’s hungry, started to wave, and has been getting on his hands and knees and rocking. We’re going to have a crawler before too long. He’s also working on a couple of teeth, but they haven’t officially cut through, so for now he’s just got the 2 bottom ones.


This kid – big food lover. He has even started to chow down broccoli. He has had about 20 foods. He loves chicken, pork, and beef and has had them cooked all different ways. BLW has worked out really well for us so far. Micah can sit and eat dinner with us every night and can eat the same foods. It’s great!


Last week we saw a new nephrologist – the head of pediatric nephrology at the UW Children’s hospital. We wanted to make sure we were covering all of our bases as far as Micah’s kidney, ureters, and bladder go. So here’s what we know:

-Micah has reflux from his bladder to both kidneys, much more severe on the left side. When his bladder fills up it also fills his kidneys and ureters (the tubes that go from bladder to kidney). This makes him at greater risk for infection. Micah has been on antibiotics since birth for this and will continue until we can surgically correct the reflux.

-Micah’s left ureter should look like a small straight tube, but instead looks more like intestines. It is thick, long, and meandering. They call this a torturous ureter.

-Micah’s has renal dysplasia on the left side. His left kidney is small, has a cyst, and has some limit to it’s function. From the tests we have had done so far, this kidney does have at least some function and¬†should not get worse due to the reflux. The kidney is growing, which is a good sign. Renal dysplasia makes Micah at greater risk for high blood pressure, so we will monitor that at every appointment.

-We also learned that when Harrison was scanned they detected that he may have a duplicated system, meaning he may have 2 ureters on one side. This has no negative impact on him but shows that the kidney issues may be genetic.

-We will have Micah scanned again when he is 12-18 months old, but we will most likely be putting off surgery as long as feasible with the antibiotics. As much as we hate to have him on antibiotics long term, the more he can grow into his oversized ureter the better the surgical outcome will be.


You would never know¬†Micah has any kind of kidney issue because he’s the happiest baby you will ever see. He is so full of smiles, giggles, and squeals that he can brighten anyone’s day. My happy Micah Miles!

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