Micah is 5 Months Old!

5 months. That’s only 1 month from 6 months, which is half way to a year, which only happens 18 times before he leaves for college…I’m not crying, I just have allergies! Anyways…


Micah has learned so much this month. I think it is absolutely crazy how much a kid can learn in less than a year. He can sit independently (until he gets distracted by his feet and topples over), he can roll both ways, he is starting to army crawl, and talks all day!  He also has 2 teeth and it looks like more may be on the way.


Micah is somewhere right around 18 1/2 lbs and is sticking to his 95% curve at over 27 inches. We have an appointment with Micah’s nephrologist next week (to check his kidneys) and will have official measurements. It seems when I do it myself it is always  a little bit off.

Micah is so easy to photograph, he’s always smiling! He loves peek a boo and giggles like crazy.  He has thick blonde hair coming in but still has some dark hair on top and in the back. It’s quite the hairdo.

5 Months Micah

Monthly Picture 5

I looked back at Harrison’s 5 month pictures and read that he was a fan of laughing at me when I tried to get him to nap. Micah is going through the exact same thing. When I try to put him down he gets a case of the giggles. Maybe some day we will know what sleep feels like again…

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