Monthly Archives: July 2016

Harrison’s 2nd Birthday

I’m still playing catch up and I loved Harrison’s Noah’s Ark themed party, so I have to share! Again, more cell phone pictures (gasp!) but you get the idea. In true Noah’s Ark style, it rained all day so we were stuck inside. We still had a great time celebrating our little guy. Carrying the […]

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TV Wall

2 kids have really pulled me away from blogging lately, but I’m going to do some catch up posts over the next few weeks and dive back into blogging. Let’s take a step back into May, shall we? Most of my recent pictures are taken with my cell phone camera which desperately needs updating, but […]

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Micah is 3 Months Old!

It’s that time again and boy, is our baby getting big! Weighing in right around 16 pounds and already around 25 inches Micah is growing right along the 90% growth curve. Ryan tried a 6 month onsie on Micah and concluded that we needed to get out the 9 month clothes. I disagreed, but put […]

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