Micah is 2 Months Old!

Micah 2 Months

It’s that time again! Micah is already 2 months old! As you can see, he is a smiley boy who loves to coo. It is easy to keep him smiling, especially when he watches his big brother Harrison.


Micah is gaining a lot of weight, weighing in at a little over 13 pounds. He is getting long too, at almost 2 feet long! Micah is really strong and has started to roll over front to back. He also tries to army crawl and can make it several inches at a time before he gets tired. I feel like we will have an early crawler since he can’t wait to move and play like his big brother.

We had another checkup with the nephrologist (kidney doctor) this month. We cleared Harrison of having any problems and checked up on Micah. On Micah’s ultrasound it looks as though the kidney with relux is not growing properly, but since he has not had any infections we will continue to monitor until his next appointment in September.

On a happier note, we went on our first camping trip in our new camper this month. Ryan had to work out of town for a couple days in a row, so the boys and I stayed at a campground during the day so we could stay with Ryan at night. It went much better than expected and both boys seemed to have fun.

Micah and Tigger 2 Months

Here is our little┬ábig guy with Tigger. He’s growing so much already! Check out his one month pictures to compare!

2 Month Tigger

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