Whoopi: Our Golden Polish

Golden Polish Chicken

Whoopi Goldbird, our golden polish, was part of the second order of chickens we placed.  With our first order, we paid for an egg laying variety and they send whatever they have available at that time.  The second time we ordered chickens, we selected the breeds ourselves.  Ryan HAD to have some top hat chickens.

Whoopi is one of our most well known chickens, because she is easy to pick out of a crowd.  Although little, Whoopi is easily recognizable in the flock.  Even as a little chick she stood out.

Golden Polish Chick

She is our friendliest bird and will come right over when you get near the coop.  Unfortunately, she is friendly because we had to treat her for an injury.  In December, the flock would not go outside because of the snow and they were getting bored.  Whoopi was at the bottom of the pecking order and was picked on.  The other chickens pulled out the feathers on the top of her head.  Once chickens see blood, they will just keep pecking.  Thankfully, we caught her before she was pecked to death.

Chicken injury

We applied some Vetericyn and kept her separated from the rest of the chickens.  It took a long time, but she healed up and grew her feathers back.

Chicken isolation

Whoopi is now healthy enough to lay eggs and she lays a small white egg every couple of days.

Golden Polish Eggs

Once the weather got nicer, we integrated her back into the flock.  She hasn’t been picked on, but she doesn’t like to roost with the other chickens.  This has led to a couple of adventures.

Last week, she didn’t come home to roost and the next day the neighbor stopped by to say she had our chicken.  Whoopi had wandered next door where they had bird seed and let herself right in to their home.  They returned her wrapped in a towel.

Last night she decided to sneak away again.  She flew into a low spot near our garage and then couldn’t climb out because she didn’t want to step in the surrounding snow.  I found her by clucking and hearing her call back.  It turns out, she likes people more than chickens.


Now she has been happily returned to her own kennel where she can eat in peace and talk to her other chicken friends.  She is a happy girl when she has her own space, so we might have to arrange something in the new coop for her.  This goofy girl sure makes me smile.  Thanks for reading! I hope to have more chicken updates soon.

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