Pearl: Our White Leghorn


Right now we have 18 chickens that are taking over my garage until the weather gets nicer and we can get them a real coop!  They are loving the warmer weather though and are laying eggs like crazy.  I have been trying to catch a peek at who is laying what since they are right outside of the door.  As soon as a see a chicken leave the nest box, I run out and try to see what we’ve got.

Our best egg layer is Pearl.  She is a pearl white leghorn (which we found out after we named her Pearl).  She was the first to start laying and hasn’t stopped yet.  She is one of the first chickens we got.  She is about 20 months old.

White Leghorn Chicken

Pearl lays jumbo white eggs pretty much every day.  In fact, our egg scale can’t even measure her eggs.Pearl's Egg White Leghorn Egg

Today I cooked her egg up for Harrison to eat for breakfast.  He loves scrambled eggs, but there’s no way he could finish this one.  It made more than 1/2 cup of cooked eggs.

Scrambled Eggs

If I were raising chickens only for eggs, I would have a whole flock of white leghorns.  She is dependable, adorable, and friendly.  She keeps my egg cartons from closing and keeps us in eggs year round.

Pearl White Leghorn

Next up: Whoopi Goldbird, so check back soon!

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