Monthly Archives: February 2015

Temporary Chicken Housing

We have moved about 30 minutes away from our first home. The new place doesn’t have a chicken coop, so we needed to set up something temporary. For a few weeks we left them in their coop and visited to feed and water them every other day. While not ideal, it worked out for a […]

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Harrison is 9 Months!

I am a little bit late this month with Harrison’s pictures. Between not having a computer and our crazy schedule, it just wasn’t happening until today.  It turns out that 9 month babies are incredibly hard to photograph.  Harrison is pretty much a blur these days as he races around the house. Yesterday Harrison had […]

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Our New House

*This will be my first post written on mobile, so bear with me please* We are finally getting settled into our new place! We have a lot to do yet, but I wanted to give a little preview. We purchased a new home in January situated in 10 acres in northern Wisconsin. The house was […]

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