Month: January 2015

Harrison is 8 Months!

8 Month Harrison

Harrison is 8 months old today! Time flies! 8 Month Stats

He is working so hard on his new skills lately. He is so close to crawling!  He picks his belly off the floor and rocks back and forth, but hasn’t crawled yet.  He also pulls up on bins and boxes that are small enough for him to reach easily.  He stands really well while holding furniture if you set him up.  He is very talkative and has started saying Dada and buh-buh when waving.  Waving is his favorite thing.  If you wave at him with excitement, he will even give you the double wave.8 Months Waving

I swear he gets cuter every day.  He is growing so much, especially his feet and that crazy hair!8 Months

He is such a character and so silly.  Here are the Tigger pictures!8 Month Tigger 8 Month Silly 8 Month

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