Month: October 2014

Baby in a Pumpkin

H Pumpkin

Who doesn’t love a baby in a pumpkin?  I can’t get enough of these cute Halloween pictures.  Pinterest is killing me!  We decided to give it a try.  Harrison was definitely curious about the pumpkin and his patience didn’t last too long, but we got some great pictures.

5 Months Harrison Pumpkin Pumpkin


We started out with his Halloween onsie on, but had to get some naked pictures too!

Baby in a Pumpkin Pumpkin SeedHarrison


We made sure to keep the pumpkin inside for a couple of days so it wouldn’t be too cold.  He didn’t seem to mind it too much, but he got a nice warm bath afterwards, which is his favorite.  Thanks for reading!

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Halloween Pictures

This time last year we were announcing our pregnancy, but this year we have a wonderful little boy to stare at all day long!  I am far from a photographer, but it isn’t hard to get some cute shots with a handsome baby boy, a couple of pumpkins, and a bale of straw.  Check out our little cutie:Halloween Photos Harrison Halloween Harrison Hat Harrison Hay

We had a lot of fun taking pictures of him last night and are hoping to get some more good pictures once we finish making his Halloween costume.  Check back soon for more pictures of this handsome little dude and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for even more updates.  Thanks for reading!

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Our New Roof

We have been working for about a year on getting a new roof put on the house.  We did the back part of the house last fall and finished up just a month or so ago.  We debated doing the front of the house ourselves, but the height and angle worried us a bit.  So, we hired a roofing company to come finish the job for us.  Besides some electrical work and the furnace, this is the only contracted work we have had done.

We started with a rough looking roof and an ugly chimney.Removing Old Shingles

Once the old shingles were removed, we were pleasently surprised to find that we didn’t need any new decking.Roof Repairs Roof Repairs 2

The roofers laid down new tar paper, ice and water shield, and the new shingles.  We also had a ridge vent put in.  We had some major water leaks this spring and we are hoping we have taken care of the problem. New Roof

What a big difference that makes!  The roof was a bit of an eyesore before and I think it looks great now.  The best part is, we didn’t have to do any of the work!

Over the next few weeks we will be working on the trim inside the house, especially base board trim.  Harrison is getting more mobile everyday and installing trim is part of the babyproofing plan.

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Harrison is 5 Months



5 months

Harrison is another month older…please pass the tissues.5 Month Stats


What Harrison has learned:

1.  Sleep is good.

2.  Teething sucks.

3.  You can pull your socks off.

4.  It drives Mommy crazy when laugh at her while she tries to get you to nap.


What Mommy has learned:

1.  Taking pictures of a teething 5 month old is impossible.  Itsy bitsy spider will only get you 1 smile.

2.  Babies grow way too fast.

5months 5month tigger 5  months tigger


I have a feeling the more he moves, the harder these pictures will get.  Next time I will have to get Ryan’s help for sure.  Don’t forget to check out his previous month’s photos if you missed them.  Thanks for reading!


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Outdoor Updates

With winter closing in on us, we worked hard this weekend to finish some outdoor projects.  Ryan and my dad put siding on the chicken coop, which makes a huge difference compared to one year ago.Chicken Coop StartedChicken Coop Siding


While the boys worked on that, I painted the garage trim and started on the garage door.  Paint can sure make a big difference.Garage with New SidingGarage Door Painted


Lastly, Dad worked on the black trim around the front windows and roof line.  We still have a bit to do way up top, but the house looks much better already.Siding FrontExterior Trim Painted

Our decks are complete too, which is a really big step for us.  Shoveling will be much easier now and we have steps up to the backdoor, which we didn’t have before.  Things are really starting to come together on the exterior now (or at least it looks like it if you drive by)!  Thanks for reading!

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