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Cloth Diapering FAQ

Cloth Diapering FAQ

I don’t have many friends and family that cloth diaper and so much has changed since my parents did it.  Ryan and I get a lot of questions, so I will try to touch on the ones we get asked most often.

1. Where do you put the dirty diapers?  Dirty diapers go into a wet bag.  We have large wet bags for the nursery and small ones for the diaper bag.  We have 2 of each size, so that we have one to use while the other is in the laundry.  We use Planet Wise wet bags.  You can also use wet bags for kitchen cloth (in place of paper towels), for swim suits, etc.

2.  What do you do with the poop? Newborn poop is water soluble and can go right into the washer.  Once babies are fed solids, you need to flush the poop.  You can get a diaper sprayer to attach directly to your toilet or you can dunk the diaper instead.  It really isn’t as gross as it sounds.

3.  You put poop in your washer?!?  When doing diaper laundry, you always to a rinse and spin (at minimum) before you do a regular wash.  This way, you are not washing your diapers in dirty water.  Keep reading to see our laundry routine.

4.  How often do you do diaper laundry?  It is best to do diaper laundry every other day.

5.  How many diapers do you need?  For a newborn, 36 changes is recommended, while older babies only need about 24 changes for every other day washing.

6.  What made you cloth diaper? See part 1 of this series to see why we cloth diaper.

7.  How much money have you spent on cloth diapering?  We have spent about $600 so far, but have more than we need.  We have 3 sizes of prefolds and fitteds, 14 covers, and 25 pockets.  We have more than enough to get us to potty training with multiple children.  Cloth diapers hold their value and can be sold close to full price when in good condition.

8.  What diaper creams do you use?  Anything with zinc isn’t recommended with cloth diapers.  We use coconut oil as a wetness barrier and CJs Butter in the diaper bag.  If he has redness or a rash (which hasn’t happened yet) we have Grandma El’s cream to use.

9.  Where do you buy cloth diapers?  For most diapers, I use Nicki’s Diapers.  I like that they are local and have fast shipping.  They have a rewards program based on how much you spend (as do most cloth diapering shops).  It is best to pick one retailer to accumulate points faster.  I order prefolds and fitteds from Green Mountain Diapers.  I order my Kawaii Diapers straight from the company (although you can find some on as well).

Lastly, our most frequently asked question:  what is your laundry routine?

We start with a cold quick wash without detergent.  Next, we do a normal, hot wash with Original Tide detergent.  Lastly we do an extra rinse and spin to wash out any left over detergent.  Detergent buildup can cause problems if you use too much, so the extra rinse and spin helps with that.  If you do get buildup, you can do a series of hot water washes to strip the diapers.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.  Thanks for reading!

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Cloth Diapering Part 3

Pocket Diapers

In part 3 of our diapering series, we will be talking about pocket diapers.  First of all, what is a pocket diaper?  A pocket diaper is a cloth diaper that needs inserts stuffed inside to add absorbency.  The other type of diaper that is similar is an All-In-One.  An All-In-One has the insert sewn in rather than a pocket.Pocket Diaper Collage

They usually come with a standard microfiber insert, but you can use just about any insert to meet your needs.  I like to use a trifolded newborn prefold.  You can use hemp, bamboo, cotton, or microfiber.  I like to add a hemp doubler if Harrison is going to wear a pocket overnight.  The extra absorbency makes sure it won’t leak before he wakes up.  These are different from an All-In-One, which is harder to adjust absorbency and takes a long time to dry because you can not remove the insert.

I have just started to use pocket diapers because most of mine are one-size.  I do have some newborn pockets called Kawaii Pure and Naturals.  They are the smallest pocket diapers I have and they started fitting when Harrison was just a couple weeks old.  I have about a dozen of them in my rotation.  I have had a couple blowouts in these diapers, but I think it may be caused my Harrison’s skinny legs.  For the price, they are great.  In fact, I purchased most of these on Mother’s Day when Kawaii had a 20% off sale.  Each diaper ended up costing $5.



Kawaii P&N

The next pocket diapers that fit Harrison were BumGenius 4.0s.  These are by far my absolute favorite diapers we own.  I have never had a blowout, they are reasonably priced, and they have great colors and prints.  BG Pocket


I also have some one-size Kawaii pockets and some Alva pockets.  These are also great, cost effective diapers.  You can purchase these for about $8 online.  I haven’t used these much, but I assume they will be similar to the other Kawaii diapers I have.  I doubt they will be as good as my BumGenius diapers, but that’s what you expect with cheaper diapers.Alva Pocket


Nicki’s Diapers is my favorite place to order cloth diapers.  They have great prices, have a rewards points program, send a free gift with most purchases, and are locally owned in Wisconsin (which means fast shipping).  They have their own brand of pockets that are only $11 each.  They also donate a diaper to a child in need for every Nicki’s Diaper purchased.  I currently have 2 of these diapers and have not had any issues with them.  They are a bit more bulky, but I’m hoping Harrison will grow into them nicely.Nicki's Pocket


Lastly, I have a BabyKicks diaper that I received as a freebie with an order from Kelly’s Closet.  I like that Kelly’s Closet has a rewards program and often has coupons for a free diaper with purchase.  However, I was extremely disappointed in the BabyKicks diaper I received.  The aplix is awful and it leaks like crazy.  I have heard that the BabyKicks with snaps is better.  I do like how trim the diaper is and it fit early on, but I just don’t use it.  I would love to sell this diaper, but I actually feel bad handing it off to someone else.Baby Kicks Pocket Diaper

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our cloth diaper series!  Next up, we’ll talk all about laundry.  Thanks for reading!

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Cloth Diapering Part 2

Cloth Diapering Part 2

For part 2 of our cloth diaper series, I would like to talk about prefolds and fitteds with covers.  Some of this information can seem overwhelming if you don’t know much about cloth diapers, but I will try to keep it simple.  If you are very interested in cloth diapering, I highly recommend checking out the Cloth Diapering 101 Series on YouTube.  Also, see part 1 of this series for reasons to cloth diaper!

Prefolds are what most people think of when you talk about cloth diapers.  Prefolds are made of multiple layers of cotton. Instead of using pins, we now use a snappi.  A snappi is a 3 point contraption that holds the prefold in place.  Prefolds are great because you can use different folds based on what you need for baby.  We typically use the angel wing fold.  The jelly roll fold also works great for newborns.GMD Small Prefold


While Ryan likes prefolds, I love fitteds.  Fitted diapers are made of the same material (cotton) as prefolds but have elastic sewn in the legs for a better fit.  You can get them with snaps or use a snappi for a more custom fit.GMD Small Fitted

We have purchased all of our prefolds and fitteds from Green Mountain Diapers.  We purchased the unbleached options, but you can also order them bleached (white).  These diapers come in various sizes from newborn to XL.  We are currently using yellow edged (size small).  The newborn prefolds stopped fitting Harrison around 8 weeks but the newborn fitteds still fit him at 14 weeks.  The newborn prefolds are great for stuffing pocket diapers, so they are still in use.

Prefolds and fitteds do not have a waterproof layer, so they must be used with a cover.  There is such a variety of covers out there, but I will just cover what we have tried and how they have worked for us.

Covers come in 2 varieties: one size and sized.  One size diapers don’t typically fit newborns right away.  The covers have various rise snaps that can adjust how large the diaper is.  There is also a row of snaps or aplix (velcro) for the fit around the waste.

The very first diaper that fit Harrison was a Rumparooz newborn cover.  We used these as soon as we got home.  They still fit him now at 14 weeks, but I don’t think they will last too much longer.  We have these covers in both snaps and aplix.  I love the aplix diaper because it is incredible easy to use with newborns. These were our best fit for newborn size and most affordable.

Rumparooz Newborn Snaps Rumparooz Newborn h&l


The other cover that fit early on was our Thirsties Size 1.  Thirsties duo wraps come in 2 sizes.  We have size 1 covers in both snaps and aplix.  Both are very nice diapers and worth the price.  These are Ryan’s favorite covers because they only have one row of snaps instead of 2, making them much easier to put on.Thirsties Size 1


As Harrison got older, he began to fit into his one size covers.  My favorite print is a Flip diaper in Albert.  The fit is great and the print speaks to my nerdy side.  Harrison likes it too!  This diaper is the only Flip diaper we have and is relatively new to us, but we love it so far.Flip Diaper Cover


We also have used Blueberry Coveralls in one size.  They are the biggest diapers we have and only just recently started to fit.  They work fine and have awesome colors and prints, but they are probably the last ones I reach for.  They are also much more expensive than any of our other covers and are nothing special for the price. I think as Harrison gets bigger we will start to like these more.Blueberry Capri Cover


Last, but absolutely not least, are the Best Bottom diaper covers.  These covers have the option of purchasing snap-in inserts, but we just use them with our prefolds and fitteds. These are by far my favorite one size covers.  The fit is perfect and they are so cute.  They come with a bigger price tag, but I think they are worth every penny.Best Bottom Cover


There are many other kinds of prefolds, fitteds, and diaper covers available out there, but I haven’t been able to try them all (yet)!  I have a slight addiction, so I may have more reviews to come.  Thanks for reading!

*Note: we were not paid or sponsored by any of these brands.  These reviews are our opinion alone.*

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Cloth Diapering Part 1

Cloth Diapering Part 1

When we found out I was pregnant, we decided we wanted to cloth diaper.  Both Ryan and I love cloth diapers (although he may deny it).  We have a few reasons why it is important to us.

1. Environmental factors:  A disposable diaper takes about 500 years to decompose in a landfill.  The EPA reports that 20 billion diapers or 3.5 million tons of diaper waste is dumped in landfills each year.

2. Chemical factors:  Various studies have discovered that disposable diapers contain toxic chemicals and dyes that can have health affects with continued exposure.  They also are more likely to cause diaper rash because of that chemical exposure.

3.  Cost factor:  Using cloth diapers saves about $2,000 per child, with an additional $500 savings if you use cloth wipes as well.

4. Cuteness factor:  Cloth diapers come in all kinds of colors and prints that are adorable!

This week I will be doing a cloth diapering series that runs through what has worked best for us so far.  Part 2 will start with prefolds, fitteds, and covers.  Fitted and Prefold Cloth Diapers


Part 3 will include the pocket diapers we have tried.  Pocket Diapers

Lastly, Part 4 will cover FAQs and our laundry routine.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more cloth diaper information soon!

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Harrison is 3 Months!

Harrison Month 3

Where has the time gone?!? Harrison is already 3 months old.  Harrison has been busy, busy, busy!  This month he went swimming for the first time, went fishing, got baptized, and even went to Smokey Bear’s birthday party.  Harrison 3 Month Stats

Harrison has gotten really good at grabbing at things within his reach.  He sticks anything he can get his hands on in his mouth and is still trying to see if he can fit his entire fist in there.  He has grown about an inch longer and you can tell in his Tigger pictures:Harrison 3 Months Harrison 3


Check out his 1 month and 2 month pictures to compare!  Thanks for reading!

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