Master Bedroom Progress

We have been making quite a bit of progress on our master bedroom.  In fact, we are ready to share it with our little one (as soon as he or she decides to make an appearance).  We have a nursery set up, but the baby will more than likely sleep in our room for the first couple of months since we are on the upper level.

We have been hard at work getting the master bedroom ready and it has really paid off.

Master Bedroom Progress


We hung the wallpaper up on our accent wall and were able to move in shortly after that.  We added a chandelier and rug from Home Depot.  Last year I found some end tables at a garage sale for $20 and have been waiting for the perfect place for them.  We also moved some other pieces that we have collected over time to the room.

Master Bedroom Furniture


We still have a bit of work to do, including trim and finishing off the closet.  The closet will work for now, but is in rough shape.

Master Closet Before


We are both really happy with the way this room is coming together!  Hopefully I will have a nursery update to share soon.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Gary Kerr says:

    Nice idea of master bedroom . I like each and every think in the bedroom pictures. Wallpaper and color of rooms are very attractive. Keep post .

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