Introducing the Pantry

In our office we have a few extra bins of kitchen stuff that just doesn’t fit in the kitchen right now.  Luckily, we have a small room located off of the kitchen that will work great as a pantry.  It is in rough shape.

Pantry Before


There is a door that leads into the backyard, but it is an interior door instead of an exterior door.  The room was once used by dogs, so the doors are scratched beyond repair.

Original Pantry Door



Ryan ran some plumbing for a hose outside through the interior wall.

Pantry Plumbing



The best part of the pantry is the screen door on the outside.  It is also in rough shape but I plan on fixing it up and reusing it.


Pantry Screen Door


Saving Our Pantry Screen Door


We are working on replacing the door and window today and will gut the rest of the drywall and insulation.  It’s looking good so far and I will update again soon.

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