Month: June 2013

New Pantry Subfloor

We have been jumping around a lot on our projects, so bear with us!  Today we are back to the pantry.  Yesterday Ryan pulled up the old flooring and my dad helped us put in new support.  Some of the floor joists had water damage and needed support added.  This also allowed us to level out the room, which had settled in the back corner.  As a reminder, we started out with this:

Pantry Door


You can see the old floor was in really rough shape.  This room also had a trap door that enters the crawl space (which was really just a hole that we put a piece of plywood over).  There were 2 layers of bad flooring (not salvageable).  We have not laid down a new subfloor yet, but this is what we’ve got so far:

Pantry Floor Support.jpg PantryFloorSupport.jpg


We basically use the floor joists that are already there and just beef them up.  We level everything out as we go.  We also did this in the living room and kitchen when we first started our project, and it has worked out really well for us.  Ryan and I are hoping to lay the plywood down this week.

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Guest Room Accessories

I have had the itch to do a ton of little decor projects lately.  All of the ideas have been saved away for a rainy day, but never really get done.  Yesterday I just went for it, and crossed a ton of projects off my list.  Most of the projects I did belong in the guest room.

I recently went to a garage sale where they had over 50 embroidery hoops in a box and they were only asking $2!  I had seen some cute fabric hoops on Pinterest recently and decided to give it a try.  After I finished the headboard for our guest bedroom, I started on the hoops.  You can glue the fabric in, but I just put the fabric in tight and hung them up with finishing nails.Embroidery Hoops.jpg

I think the colors work really well, and it is helping me tone down the bright yellow by breaking it up a bit.

I also created a curtain for the closet.  I made this curtain exactly like the other DIY curtains I made in this room.  I used iron-on fabric tape, so there is no sewing involved!  I just cut the curtain to size, folded over the edges and ironed on the fusible tape.  It’s really simple and gives you a nice curtain panel.Closet Curtain.jpg

Again, I just used curtain clips to secure it in place.  That’s really all it takes.Curtain Clips.jpg

My last guest room project was finished a while ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to putting it in the room.  I made a bookshelf from plans from  It was a really simple project that anyone can do, and it is solid wood (much better than that stuff you buy at Walmart).  I planned on painting it white, but really wanted to get my books out of storage, so it isn’t exactly finished yet.Bookcase

It is really starting to feel like home around here.  I like it more and more every day.  Thanks for reading!

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Easy DIY Headboard



Ryan and I have been hard at work today making this super easy headboard.  It takes a lot of time, but anyone can do it!  We had most of the supplies we needed, so we only ended up spending about $35 (for 1″ foam and fabric).

First we traced out the pattern we wanted for the overall shape.  We just put the center of a 5 gallon bucket on the corner and traced that on each side.  Sophisticated, I know…

Headboard Corner Cuts


Then we just cut it out with a jigsaw.  I have a jigsaw attachment for my drill, so it is cordless.  I highly recommend the Black and Decker Matrix Drill for exactly that reason.  You can buy all kinds of attachments at a fraction of the cost of buying separate tools.

Cutting Headboard Corners


Next, we covered the plywood in a 1″ foam padding.  This will be the most expensive part of the project, but is totally worth it.  We used a spray adhesive to attach the foam and it worked great.

Headboard Supplies

Headboard Foam


We also covered the foam in quilt batting so that the edges would be soft as well.  You need to pull the batting tight over the headboard and staple on the backside.  The curved corners are the hardest part, but I found that cutting strips into the batting made it easy to smooth out.

Headboard Batting Corners HeadboardBatting


I picked a nice neutral fabric to use on the headboard so that we could us it elsewhere if we every move.  The fabric is attached the same way as the batting.  Pull it very tight and staple the backside. Again, it is easier if you cut small strips into the fabric to wrap around the curved corners.  We used a lot of staples on the corners to get all of the wrinkles out.

Headboard Fabric Corners.jpg HeadboardFabricCorner


Ryan built a frame that attached to our bed frame for support.

Headboard Support.jpg


You can also attach the headboard directly to the wall or built legs to hold it up.  There are a ton of different tutorials on that (just check out Pinterest).

In the end, we are very happy with how the headboard turned out.  (Now we just have to get some sheets that actually match!)

DIY Headboard.jpg


Thanks for reading!!

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Town Cleanup Day

We have been working hard today to get the siding off of the house.  Our local dump is having a Town Cleanup Day where you can drop anything off for free.  So, the siding has got to go!  We are only taking off the outermost layer so that we have a smooth place to put our new vinyl siding.  The place didn’t look great when we got it:

House Exterior



If you decide to tear off your siding, I advise that you give yourself more than one day to get it done.  It worked out for us because Ryan and my dad are rock stars, but I think they might be hurting tomorrow.

Ryan Tearing Down Siding Tearing Down Siding



Believe it or not, it looks much worse now.  Once we put on the house wrap our neighbors will be much happier.  (At least we live inside the ugly house and don’t have to look at it all day through our windows.)  Here are a couple of pictures to make you feel better about the house or apartment you live in:

Old SidingOld House SidingOld Siding Back


The house wrap will be going on sometime in the next week and I will definitely post some new pictures.

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Bathroom Update

Bathroom Update


We recently finished the built-in shelving unit in our bathroom.  As I was preparing to write a post, I noticed that I haven’t done a bathroom update in months!  We are all settled in now and only need trim, which will be coming along soon.  I will write a separate update about the shelving but wanted to share a couple of bathroom pictures first.

Bathroom ShelvesBathroomUpdateBathroom Collage


The mirror was given to us by a coworker, but here is a list of the rest of our finishes:

  • Bird Soap pump, toothbrush holder, shower rings: Target
  • Shower Curtain: Target
  • Cloth Bins: Lowes
  • Toilet Paper and Towel Bars: Target
  • Floating Shelves: Target
  • Apothecary Jars: Walmart
  • Vanity, Toilet, and Bathtub Surround: Menards

Apparently summer weather was all we needed to get moving on our projects.  We are checking things of our list left and right and will definitely have more updates coming soon, so check back later!

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Mice, Mold, and Mildew

It’s hard to imagine the pantry as a place to store food after the nasty things we discovered today. We gutted the walls down to the studs, which was definitely the most disgusting job we have done so far.  The window must have had some leaking issues, as well as the roof, so we had a bit of a mold and mildew problem.  Pantry Drywall Before


We first installed a new door and window (mostly work done my Ryan and my Dad).  They also moved a huge chunk of concrete from in front of the door which we then buried.  The concrete was sloped toward the house and causing a lot of rot, so it had to go.  Just more work that is buried that will never be seen again (or will cause quite a bit of questioning when someone does find it).Pantry Door


Then we dealt with tearing down the drywall and insulation that was full of mold, bees nests, lots of animal sign, and a couple animals themselves that must have had a very pleasant smell at some point.  When we got to the mouse skeletons I politely left ran out of the room and let Ryan deal with it.

We wanted to wait until it was cooler out because of the clothing and masks we would be wearing, but didn’t really think past that.  We ended up working in the evening and having to tear down the ceiling in the dark.  I do not recommend that to anyone…ever.  Although it may be better if you don’t know what is falling from the ceiling in a room like this.

New Pantry Door Gutted Pantry



A new door and window make all the difference!  I don’t have a daylight photo, but this will give you an idea:New Exterior Door


Can you see that light at the end of the tunnel? That tiny little speck of white? Yeah, me neither… but we are one step closer!

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Introducing the Pantry

In our office we have a few extra bins of kitchen stuff that just doesn’t fit in the kitchen right now.  Luckily, we have a small room located off of the kitchen that will work great as a pantry.  It is in rough shape.

Pantry Before


There is a door that leads into the backyard, but it is an interior door instead of an exterior door.  The room was once used by dogs, so the doors are scratched beyond repair.

Original Pantry Door



Ryan ran some plumbing for a hose outside through the interior wall.

Pantry Plumbing



The best part of the pantry is the screen door on the outside.  It is also in rough shape but I plan on fixing it up and reusing it.


Pantry Screen Door


Saving Our Pantry Screen Door


We are working on replacing the door and window today and will gut the rest of the drywall and insulation.  It’s looking good so far and I will update again soon.

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