Month: April 2013

Snowboard Storage

Since the snow is finally melting, I think it is officially time to put the snowboards and winter gear away.  We have always had an issue storing snowboards.  They end up in the garage, up in the rafters so they don’t get bumped.  Thankfully, we now have a good space in the house to store them!

When we started the office we decided that we would want a day bed and lots of storage for our hobbies.  We don’t have a day bed yet, but we have a nice futon that was given to us by a neighbor that we have moved place to place with us for years.  We invested in some nice wall mounts for our snowboards to hang over the futon and they look great in the office.  The mount clips have drywall anchors and are made to protect your snowboard, so they are sturdy but gentle. SnowboardMountOfficeFuton


The wall mount clips are Burton brand and we bought them at Scheels (I’m sure you can get them at other sporting stores as well.)

The office needs a lot more work, but we need to get a lot of the boxes sorted out first.  Thanks for reading!

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Kitchen Command Center

I have been seeing a lot of blog posts and pins on Pinterest about “Command Centers.”  Basically, they are a catch-all for that mail and junk that would normally be sitting on the counter.  We definitely have an issue with the counter mess so it seems like this might be a good idea…

We have a small wall on the side of the furnace closet (in our kitchen) that is right next to our office.  Seems like the perfect location for a command center to me!  So, after some cheap Target shopping, we ended up with this neat little place for all of our Ryan’s junk.  We still have some trim and painting work to do, but the furnace closet is coming along nicely.  CommandCenter


The organizer cost $10 at Target and we also scored a $5 picture frame for around the thermostat (another Pinterest idea I’ve been seeing a lot of).ThermostatFrame


So for around $15 we used a great space that would have been empty otherwise.  Now if I can just teach Ryan how to take care of it from here…KitchenCommandCenter


We’ve been busy, so there is a lot more coming.  Check back soon! Thanks for reading!

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Master Closet Renovation

Our house came with it’s share of tiny closets.  Our master bedroom has a nice sized closet, but it only has a tiny door and the closet is hard to access.  Here are some before pictures (and if anyone knows what I can do with that piece of pink marble, please let me know):MasterBefore.jpgMasterClosetInside.jpg MasterClosetBefore.jpg



We took out a header for french doors in the living room to make the room more open (which you can read about here), but we still have the doors:MasterClosetDoorsBefore.jpg


One day it just clicked: we can make a bigger door frame and use the original french doors from downstairs! The doors need a lot of work, but they have a really nice wood grain you can see on the back side, and the original hinges are intact.

This weekend we went ahead and cut the new door frame opening into the closet:MasterClosetDuring MasterClosetDuring2.jpg MasterClosetOpen.jpg


Opening that up makes such a big difference.  Now if the weather will just cooperate a little bit we can get those doors stripped and start getting some more work done on the master bedroom. Thanks for reading!

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Working Our Way Upstairs

If you have ever been given a tour of our house, you will definitely remember the dark, creepy stairway.  There is one small light at the top.  If I did not have a flash on my camera, you wouldn’t be able to see the epic dark wallpaper covering the plaster walls.  The stairs need a lot of work.  It’s one of those projects you look away from every time you walk past because you know it’s not going to be fun.  Today we started the stairway project.  It’s going to take us some time to finish, but this is what it is starting as:





There was a door frame at the top of the stairs that blocked a lot of the light that comes from the window in the hall.  The hall has become a bit of a storage area, so please excuse the mess.



This is a look from the hall at the top of the stairs.  Today we were able to remove the doorway and the wall that is seen in this picture:StairTopOriginal.jpg


After a bit of work and a lot of mess, we were able to take down part of the wall to open up the stairway.  This is what it looks like now (still a work in progress):StairwayDuring.jpgStairsDuring.jpg


The after pictures are a bit of a mess, but we will be working on cleaning things up a bit and getting some new pictures soon.

After removing the wall, we noticed that it wasn’t even original! Why would you close off the top of the stairs? Some things I will never understand, but at least it wasn’t a supporting wall and we were able to make it nice and bright.  We are going to put a railing at the top of the stairs where the wall had been.  Step one of the stairway project is done, but as you can see we have a long ways to go.  Thanks for reading!


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