I Blame My Parents

Growing up, my parents house was painted completely white with only one exception, my room.  It drove me crazy growing up.  In our house, color is everywhere.  From the blue kitchen, to the purple bathroom, to the green living room.  I love the colors, but I’m starting to realize not everyone would like to live in my colorful house, just as I didn’t like the all white house.  Here is the green living room freshly painted with the first coat:



The wall in the living room with the fireplace mantel will be cream colored, but the rest will be this green color.  I picked out the color (Long Meadow by Dutch Boy) a couple months ago and have been nervous I wouldn’t like it ever since.  I finally put the first coat on 2 walls just so I could get a good idea of what it would be like.  Just like the kitchen, the color seems really intense at first.  I think some nice curtains and trim will soften the look.

There is still some painters tape in this picture for the dining room paint, but here is a look through the house to see both the green and blue (Summer Fun Blue by Dutch Boy):



The dining room is white, so my parents can at least enjoy dinner at our house 🙂

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