Monthly Archives: January 2013

Kitchen and Dining Update: Flooring

Here it is! The kitchen flooring is installed.  We are so close to having a finished kitchen.  We just need some trim and other finishes and we will be done!  Unfortunately, the trim won’t come until the other rooms get flooring too. We decided on putting in a dark laminate flooring.  The installation is pretty […]

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I Blame My Parents

Growing up, my parents house was painted completely white with only one exception, my room.  It drove me crazy growing up.  In our house, color is everywhere.  From the blue kitchen, to the purple bathroom, to the green living room.  I love the colors, but I’m starting to realize not everyone would like to live […]

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Wall Texture

We were able to get a lot done over the holiday break and I am so excited to show all of our progress.  I will be posting a few different posts within the next week, so check back soon! We started out the week by working on the dining room drywall.  We attempted to salvage […]

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