Laminate Flooring

We had a busy and fun weekend, between picking up supplies 3 hours away, a Halloween party, and the Packer game.  We weren’t able to get much done, but we bought our flooring for the kitchen and dining room.  We wanted a dark floor to contrast the white cabinets and trim.  We went with a laminate flooring because we have had good luck with it in the past and the price is right (on sale for one day only). Of course, we unloaded our supplies at the house and Ryan brought the camera bag without the camera.  Luckily my cell phone has a camera, but the pictures are poor quality.  Here is a peek anyways:


We won’t be installing the flooring for a while because we have a bit of drywall work to do first.  We are even considering tearing out a wall in the dining room to insulate the exterior wall.  (One of those “Do it right, or do it later?” kind of projects.)   Hopefully we will have more updates soon, but bow hunting has been fighting for attention lately, so you never know.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Jenny Freedlund says:

    Love the colors in your kitchen

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks Jenny! The blue looked really intense at first, but installing the cupboards and counter tops tamed it down a bit. We are really happy with how the kitchen is turning out.

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