Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen project has come a long ways since the purchase of this house.  When we first saw the house the first thing we noticed was the lack of a kitchen, or even a designated place for one.  The listing had designated one of the bedrooms as a kitchen, just to put dimensions on the page.  Here are a couple pictures of the kitchen area in the very beginning:


The kitchen is now located in the back of the house.  The previous renovators had installed a toilet in the corner with 2×2 walls surrounding it.  We tore out the walls and toilet and started fresh.  In the past year, the majority of our work has been in the kitchen.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but here are a couple of pictures of the current state:


Here is a general overview of what has been done in the kitchen so far:

  • Foundation leveled with new supports added to the old
  • Plumbing throughout
  • Electrical throughout
  • Heating ducts added
  • New subfloor laid
  • New window (Crestline brand from Menards)
  • Exterior door was moved
  • Insulation in all exterior walls
  • New drywall throughout
  • Ceiling torn down and raised
  • New ceiling tiles installed (Silencio by BP)
  • Painted (Summer Fun Blue by DutchBoy)
  • Cabinets installed (Unfinished Oak from Menards)
  • Cabinets Primed and Painted (Ultra White Cabinet and Trim by DutchBoy)

With many more additions and updates to come, you can expect to see many more kitchen posts here and on our projects page!

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