Monthly Archives: September 2012

Living Room Renovation

The living room has been our most recent project.  We haven’t spent much time in there until lately.  We are just starting to get a handle on this room.  When we purchased the house the living room was the only room that looked functional, but it didn’t look pretty.     The fireplace mantel is […]

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Bathroom Renovation

When we purchased our house it did not have a bathroom.  Instead, it had a toilet in the corner of the house that ran straight into the sewer with no other plumbing.  After many days of consideration, we finally decided that we needed to build a new bathroom and move an exterior door in order […]

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Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen project has come a long ways since the purchase of this house.  When we first saw the house the first thing we noticed was the lack of a kitchen, or even a designated place for one.  The listing had designated one of the bedrooms as a kitchen, just to put dimensions on the […]

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